Form Fills and how they work.

The first form is a link directly to the software we use to store all records, schedules, billing and etc. The Company’s name is Nymbal. It is encrypted and secured as our own site is.

If you filled out the forms on paper, we would take the paper information you handed us and then put it into our Nymbal system. And then we would shred the paper you wrote on.

The second and third forms utilize software that sits 100% on our server. It takes the information you provide on it and merges it into a PDF. It’s close to the same thing as emailing a PDF file to someone else.

All of that information will be attached into our Nymbal software as well.

If you want to fill these out, we would take the paper copy scan it in, then attach the same files you would have generated on our website to the Nymbal software. After that, we would shred the paper you had for a couple of minutes.

The last form is directly emailed to us from our encrypted site to our encrypted email.

If you wanted to fill this one out on paper, we would take the paper form you just filled out and then we would decipher your writing and then transcribe it into the Nymbal software. After that, we would shred the paper you just gave us.

The thing is, these forms have to be filled out anyway and they are all going to the same place eventually.

If you feel strongly about not filling out online forms, please understand you are just killing trees.

We are not a huge fan of online form fills either, but they really beat paper files that have to sit in our offices for 7 years minimum.

We held out longer than the vast majority of practices did, but this is the way the world is going.

We have tried to make it as secure and safe as possible. 

If you have any questions, please feel free to call our office.