Innovative Knee Orthosis Relieves Osteoarthritis Pain

When something is so groundbreaking that it shapes its field forever, it’s called a game changer. In knee orthotics, that game changer is actually called The Game Changer. This knee orthosis is managing to do something that most of its predecessors have failed to do: it provides universal support and pain relief for people living with osteoarthritis.

The Design

The Game Changer connects at four points – two above the knee, and two below the knee. The straps are adjustable for a customized fit. The built-in knee joint is designed to rest right beside the knee cap, so the orthosis never limits the range of motion. This orthosis boasts a slim profile, unlike many other bulky universal fit knee devices. It’s made of durable, lightweight materials. You won’t feel like it’s weighing you down while you walk.

The Game Changer can be worn either under or over clothing due to its design. While wearing the device directly against the skin will always provide the best results, it can theoretically be worn either way.

The Fit

Some patients facing unique recovery or pain related issues require custom orthotic devices. These devices require a lot of fine tuning, even though they’re made specifically for the user. A lot of patients will find that The Game Changer works just as well as a fully customized device because of the fit and adjustment options.

The device has two upper and two lower buckles, and adjustments are made with an adjustment key. The device is placed on with the leg bent at a 45-degree angle, with the joint of the orthosis located just above the knee cap. The straps are then placed on and buckled. If necessary, the straps can be trimmed for a tighter fit.

If an improved fit is needed, a suspension wrap designed to be used with the device can be used on the lower portion of the brace. There are also a different size options for the Condyle pad and hinge stops should the patient need to modify the brace even further.

The Game Changer is easily adjusted for lateral or medial relief. By turning the adjustment key inward, medial relief can be achieved. Lateral relief comes from turning the key outward. Through making small adjustments and frequently testing The Game Changer by walking, the optimal amount of relief can be easily achieved.

If you cannot get the fit right by yourself, your orthotics provider will be able to help you. We can get the perfect fit for you and help you find relief.

Maintaining The Game Changer

The Game Changer can get wet without rusting. The fabric components will need to be thoroughly air dried. This makes washing and drying the device simple. The fabric components can be removed from the brace, hand washed with cold water and a mild laundry detergent, and left to hang dry. Wait until the fabric components are completely dry before returning them to the brace – wet fabrics can irritate the skin.

The frame and hinge can be wiped down with a damp cloth. Avoid salt water or chlorinated water (don’t wear your brace in the pool or at the beach) to improve its longevity. The joints can be lubricated with dry silicone spray for an improved range of motion. It’s not necessary to do this very often – only when friction can be felt within the joint.

Will My Insurance Cover The Game Changer?

Some insurance plans, including Medicare, allow for reimbursement. The Game Changer is considered DME, or durable medical equipment. Your provider can directly bill your insurance company for the cost of the orthosis if it’s deemed medically necessary.

To find out if your insurance will cover all or part of the cost, your best option is to contact them directly. Many insurers do find equipment like pain relieving knee braces to be medically necessary – especially when the patient is in surgical recovery or attending regular physical therapy.

How The Game Changer Works To Help You

Since osteoarthritis causes knee pain, many people who live with the condition aren’t as active as they’d like to be. The customizable fit of The Game Changer takes much of the burden off of the knee, allowing the wearer to do more. With a gradual schedule, first wearing the brace for limited periods of time and then moving into longer periods, the body will adapt to the brace. Many of the limitations that come with osteoarthritis are drastically improved.

Numerous studies have shown that off-loader braces like The Game Changer have promising results for people who need relief. Many people report significant pain relief in as little as a month, while others report that the feeling improves all the way up to the one-year mark. The Game Changer’s design and function have been clinically proven to alleviate the kind of pain that stems from osteoarthritis or similar conditions that cause pain around the knee.

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