Relieving Lower Back Pain With Custom Orthotics

Lower back pain is a common complaint among adults in Tucson. There are a multitude of causes for lower back pain, as well as a multitude of solutions. Since the feet can significantly impact the back, it’s important to identify or rule out the feet as a contributing factor to your lower back pain. Some people living with lower back pain find that custom orthotics significantly improve the quality of their life. Even if custom orthotics are only part of a multifaceted solution, they may make movement easier for people who frequently experience discomfort.

How Do Foot Pain And Back Pain Correlate?

Not all foot conditions relate to back pain. Some people require shoe inserts or orthotics for issues that only directly impact the feet, such as bunions. Some sources of foot discomfort (such as flat feet or overpronation) affect the alignment of the body. People move differently, specifically by utilizing a gait that offsets the pain. When this happens, lower back pain often begins to develop. Orthotics and shoe inserts are designed to address the problem from the bottom up by restoring the body to proper alignment.

What’s The Difference Between Custom Orthotics And Shoe Inserts?

Simply put, shoe inserts are like bandages and custom orthotics are like casts. They both serve a medical purpose, but they’re doing completely different things. Shoe inserts will provide some support and protection to the foot, eliminating some of the pain that stems from putting body weight on a flat or overpronated foot. Custom orthotics serve the save purpose, but they provide tailored support that helps to adjust body mechanics, preventing the body from moving or working in a way that exacerbates discomfort.

Individuals who experience mild or temporary foot discomfort might benefit from the use of shoe inserts. Shoe inserts will take the edge off and make movement slightly more comfortable for those who occasionally experience aches or pains while moving. People with chronic foot pain or foot deformities are more likely to benefit from a custom orthotic that is designed to address the source of the pain from all angles.

How Do Shoe Inserts Work?

Shoe inserts work by providing support to the arch of the foot. People with low arches or flat feet often benefit from a support that pushes up the arch of the foot, fitting flat against the soles of the feet. In essence, a well-designed shoe insert is made to overcompensate for an insufficient arch by artificially replacing it. Shoe inserts are a valuable solution for people who only need a small amount of arch assistance and people who do not experience significant overpronation that affects the ankles.

Shoe inserts are not custom designed for each person. They’re prefabricated and come in boxes labelled for certain shoe sizes. While these inserts might temporarily relieve some discomfort, they’re not tailored for the patient. If the pain or discomfort you feel is significant, limiting, or frequent, a shoe insert is unlikely to make a meaningful difference.

How Do Custom Orthotics Work?

Custom orthotics work to address a patient’s specific concerns. These devices are made from information gathered from measurements, scans, and sometimes casts of a person’s feet and ankles. The specific information derived from these processes allows an orthotist to create a highly effective orthotic device.

Since custom orthotics are tailored to the individual, they’re able to help control, assist, or change the way a person moves. Orthotics will correct the way you walk to prioritize comfort and fluid motion. Some orthotics work specifically with the feet. Other more complicated orthotic devices can encompass the entirety of the leg, depending on the issues that need to be corrected. A thorough examination will determine the best orthotic device for you.

Do Orthotics Really Make A Difference?

Some painful conditions can only be fully remedied through surgery. For post-surgical patients and people for whom surgery is not deemed necessary, orthotics are often part of a successful treatment plan for many varieties of lower back pain. Orthotic devices alone may not completely ease the pain, but they can contribute to your overall wellbeing.

Many people report that orthotics used in conjunction with physical measures like chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, or physical therapy, work to alleviate their symptoms. Orthotics can become a valuable tool in reducing pain. A total solution comes by finding harmony between the state of the feet and the state of the lower back, and working to maintain that harmony.

Will Getting Orthotics Help Me?

If discomfort with your feet is contributing to your lower back pain, orthotics are an important step in finding a solution. Talk to your medical care provider about your options in Tucson. If he or she recommends an orthotic device, we’re available to create a custom solution for you.