Tony Martin Limb and Brace is in awe of the BeBionic robotic prosthetic hand by Ottobock. We’re proud to offer this life changing innovation to patients in Tucson. This remarkably adaptable, highly efficient, and extremely futuristic robotic prosthetic hand is unlike anything that has ever come before it. We’re sure you have some questions about how this revolutionary technology works, and we’re here to provide answers to people who may benefit from a BeBionic hand.

What is the BeBionic Robotic Prosthetic Hand?

The BeBionic robotic prosthetic hand is designed to look and function like a biological hand. Each finger is individually motorized and highly responsive, offering proportional grip control. With training and adapting, people who use the BeBionic hand are able to grip tightly or softly. You can pull a heavy door or hold a child’s hand with the appropriate amount of strength.

Who Can Use a BeBionic Prosthetic?

The BeBionic prosthetic hand works for people with congenital or traumatic limb difference. Where the difference occurs doesn’t necessarily matter. The BeBionic device can be used at or above the wrist. For above elbow amputations, the BeBionic can be used in conjunction with other Ottobock arm systems. The beautiful thing is that the answer is never “no, not you” – it’s merely “with some adaptations”.

How Does the Prosthetic Work?

BeBionic works with muscle sensors. The sensors detect the muscle movement, interpret your desired motion, and move the hand accordingly. This process takes some perfecting. It may take as long as six months of training and fine tuning before users feel as though their hand is operating perfectly. Once they’ve adapted to their hand, they’ll be able to enjoy its benefits for a lifetime.

It’s common to experience muscle fatigue when trying the BeBionic or learning to use it. The existing muscle needs to strengthen and develop in order for the signals to properly communicate with the hand. The BeBionic may require you to change the way you’re used to operating your muscles.

The BeBionic prosthetic is battery powered and designed to hold a charge all day. Charging it nightly will ensure you never run out of battery prematurely. This device needs to be fitted with a myoelectric socket. If you don’t have one, speak to your prosthetist about getting fitted for one.

What are the Limitations of the Prosthetic?

BeBionic is designed to provide 14 different grips and positions, and 11 can be programmed simultaneously. Your prosthetist can help you program your hand and test your grip patterns. They can always be changed later. Grip sets are changed with a simple button press. The button is easily accessible, located right on the back of the hand.

The small hand is designed to work with touchscreen devices when the protective glove is removed. You can use your smartphone or tablet with the capacitive finger palps. The medium hand doesn’t have the same ability.

Every BeBionic hand is capable of refined and subtle movements. You can tie your shoes, type, and grip individual pieces of paper with a BeBionic hand. It’s one of the most effective and versatile myoelectric prosthetics on the market. Most people will find that the BeBionic hand exceeds their expectations.

Can The Hand Be Customized?

The BeBionic hand comes in a black or white base color. The hand can be worn on its own, but it won’t be protected from dirt or moisture unless its components are covered. To cover the hand, BeBionic offers a variety of gloves.

There is a standard flat black glove that protects the components while preserving the appearance of the bionic hand. People who choose to embrace the device might want to emphasize its futuristic look with this glove.

There are also silicone gloves that come in a wide array of skin tones, ranging from very fair to very deep. The shade selection is wide enough to match the silicone to the patient, giving the bionic hand a more realistic look. From a short distance, the high quality layered silicone glove will look completely unremarkable, and that’s exactly what you want.

Can I Try the BeBionic Hand?

BeBionic allows users to test the hand before they buy it. Many people want to understand how the hand will work for them and determine if they feel it’s worth the learning process. BeBionic is fairly confident that everyone who tries the hand will immediately fall in love.

You can request a free trial through BeBionic and your Tucson prosthetist. The hand will be sent to Tony Martin Limb & Brace. You’ll come in and we’ll set it up for you and answer any questions you have. The trial experience will give you the information you need to determine if a BeBionic hand is right for you.

It helps to bring some familiar items with you. You might want to bring your makeup, a pair of boots you need to tie, an iPad, knitting needles and yarn, or any other items you’d like to test with. Everyday activities and hobby items will give you a sense of how the BeBionic hand can become a part of your everyday routine. It may even restore your ability to enjoy activities you weren’t able to enjoy without a myoelectric prosthetic.

Getting a BeBionic Robotic Prosthetic Hand

When you’re ready to change your life with a BeBionic prosthetic hand, Tony Martin Limb & Brace is here to help. We’re a team of expert prosthetists with decades of experience in every manner of prosthetics, from cosmetic limbs to myoelectric devices like the BeBionic hand. We can upgrade users of myoelectric prosthetics to the BeBionic hand or help users of traditional prosthetics experience myoelectric prosthetics for the first time. All you need to do is give us a call.