Spinal Bracing Breakthrough Relieves Pain, Enhances Patient Comfort & Mobility

Patients living with back injuries in Tucson find it almost impossible to live their normal lives. Almost every movement the human body makes engages the back in some way, causing pain and discomfort over the course of regular activity. People who experience back pain often find that they cannot fully function.

Normal spinal bracing techniques are designed to help relieve the pain, but they’re uncomfortable to wear. They restrict movement, and in some ways, can be as large of an obstacle as the back pain itself. Thuasne has designed a back brace that offers more benefits than limitations, and it’s a long overdue solution for people who live with acute or chronic back pain.

What Does Spinal Bracing Do?

Spinal bracing is often used to support and aid patients post-surgery. Some back pain patients who have received nonsurgical treatment still use spinal braces as a supportive aid to help them recover from back injuries. Patients with arthritis find that spinal braces assist them through particularly painful inflammatory flare ups.

Spinal braces are effective when used as a part of a multifaceted treatment plan. Some doctors prescribe medications to lessen back injury symptoms. Physical therapy or a specific stretching regimen may also help the spine recover from an injury or a procedure. The brace acts almost as a cast that holds the spine throughout the healing process.

Spinal Braces For Back Pain

Spinal bracing is an option for patients with both acute and chronic back pain. Although the duration of acute pain is typically shorter, patients will still benefit from the support offered by a spinal brace during their recovery period. Compressing and straightening the spine during the healing process promotes a quicker recovery while reducing the potential for worsening the injury.

People with chronic back pain benefit from the long-term use of spinal braces. While some spinal injuries never completely heal, many of their symptoms can be alleviated by the use of a properly fitted spinal brace being worn consistently. People who need a long term spinal brace should prioritize comfort and customization in their search for a solution. They’ll be wearing the brace almost every day, making comfort a necessity.

Where Some Spinal Braces Fall Short

Most spinal braces are designed to compress the spine, keep the back upright, and limit the range of motion. Bending or leaning is difficult because the brace does not allow for it. The design is intended to restrict movement that may potentially exacerbate injuries and cause more pain. If the back is broken, this restriction of motion is absolutely necessary. For some types of injuries, the restriction is merely an encumbrance.

Though spinal braces are an important part of a treatment plan, they’re notoriously uncomfortable. Many people complain that the braces dig into their arms or their hips, depending on the design of the brace. This is a result of rigid braces having minimal customization options – everyone’s body is different, and a one size fits all solution won’t be comfortable for the majority of patients.

Why SLEEQ Spinal Braces Are A Superior Alternative

SLEEQ spinal braces offer more of the pros and less of the cons. The SLEEQ Max brace offers a whole host of customization options that make the brace more comfortable to wear without sacrificing support. The spine is held snug and stable, promoting a successful recovery without the burden of an uncomfortable, limiting brace.

The SLEEQ Max can be adjusted in height to prevent shoulder pain. Its steel frame can be bent to the contours of an individual’s body, and its wings can be cut to match a person’s exact waist to hip ratio. The panels can be cut and modified with heat to create a form fit that’s natural to the body. The SLEEQ Max is equipped with two strapping systems and can be converted for over the shoulder or under the arm wear, allowing the patient to choose whichever feels comfortable. The SLEEQ Max can be made to fit almost as well as a tailored suit.

In addition to its versatility in fit, the SLEEQ brace offers other benefits that many patients prefer to rigid braces. The fabric is lightweight and breathable, making SLEEQ ideal for all-day or long term wear. Its TruGlide tightening system and DualZone compression allow for comfortable movement and pain relief. The compression is just as effective as a rigid brace, but it provides even more support and relief. The ribs and hips won’t feel uncomfortable, even when the patient is sitting.

Finding The Right Spinal Brace For You

At Tony Martin Limb & Brace in Southern Arizona, we recommend SLEEQ spinal braces for their superior support, relief, and comfort. If your doctor thinks a spinal brace will be an effective part of your treatment, recovery, or pain management program, we’ll be glad to assist you.