A few of our satisfied patients.

“I have been dealing with the company for 10 1/2 years. My lower back, hips and right knee are going out do to a birth defect. I just happened to see a different doctor because mine was out in the field and this doctor took one look at my leg and said, ‘This Won’t Do!’ I told him that we were about to start making a new leg yet unfortunately it would be basically the same. Dr. Smith pulled some strings and got me into Tony Martin Limb & Brace (who the Army here sends their guys too). Since I’ve been dealing with prosthetics since I was 19 months old I know when people know their stuff and Tony, Sr. knows his stuff! He listened to what I had to say, suggestions that I had, and for me, most importantly, he explained everything step by step and if something wasn’t a good idea, he explained why in words I could understand! As long as I’m living in AZ I will gladly drive the hour or so to see Tony or his son, Tony, Jr. I’d be willing to drive farther if necessary.” –Keisha

“Everything about my experience was exceptional. Great family!” –Vicki

“Your office staff was very polite and helpful in getting the referral and prescription I needed.” –Ronald

“This is a first class, patient centered operation.” –John

“Tony, Jr. has always provided excellent care. TMLB has a great selection of shoes to choose from. I am still wearing the custom made charcot boot that was made in 2014 because it provides comfort and support.”

“We need more businesses like this.”

Dear TMLB,

This is the story we mentioned to you that we posted on my face book page (under Karen Waugh). Several people have commented on it and said they plan to call TMLB for their diabetic foot shoe needs. John and I both agree that TMLB is an outstanding business and that Tony Martin is an amazing Certified Orthotist/Pedorthist. Thank you TMLB for helping John fit into the best shoes ever and for making it so much easier for him to walk to the places he needs to go.


If diabetes is undetected for a certain length of times, sometimes the blood cells in the feet will slowly but surely explode, causing the blood line to produce a very apparent line along the side and around the foot. The pain it causes can be excruciating. This is called diabetic foot pain or nephropathy and there’s no cure for it whatsoever. All a diabetic sufferer can do is take Gabapentin-600 mg pills and pray for a miracle.

I looked at the strained look on John’s face, as we took a “union break,” standing still on “enemy hill” and said, “What else do we have to lose, hon?” We were two aging souls on a familiar street, with matching canes and walking towards Tony’s Limb & Braces. The cold, hard reality hit: We are not getting any younger in this life and we have more and more brand new limitations.

A mental flashback filled my thoughts with an older memory and I hung on to it. I could clearly see a much younger couple without a care in the world and I blinked hard. Tears filled my eyes as I wiped them away, not wanting John to see that I was crying. John was a few steps ahead of me on the hill now and he felt a little bit anxious today. We were picking up a new pair of diabetic shoes that were custom made for him.

The waiting room was filled with two plush black leather couches, a comfortable leather chair and a coffee table, lined with magazines to read and we sat down. The receptionist said it was a “family owned business” and we smiled, nodding at the two older sisters waiting in the room. I thought of my dad and all of the rooms that he, too, had waited in and hoped.

“Your shoes are ready, Mr. Waugh. Please follow me.”

John was quicker at grabbing a piece of candy out of the candy bowl and putting it back than me and I laughed. “Oops.” He said, “I’m not suppose to eat candy.” I swore I could see my father grab a Snickers bar though. “Dad is with us.” I said to John as I heard my father laughing. Dad said in his spirit, “You bet I am.”

The shoes, like so many of God’s miraculous wonders, came in perfect timing for a man in waiting. John and I remembered our first appointment here, when he was measured for his shoes with Tony saying, “John, you have to remember. I will do my best so that you can’t feel the neuropathy pain but I can’t guarantee that 100% will be gone.”

“Wow, I can’t believe what a difference these shoes make,” John said to the foot doctor, “I thought you said you wouldn’t be able to relieve ALL the pain but you have though. I feel like I’m walking on clouds.”

Tony winked and said, “I guess I just got lucky.”

The reason I wrote this story, and it is all 100% actual and true, it’s to give anybody who is a diabetic a glimmer of HOPE that there are answers to be found. I also wrote this in hopes that people will get checked for diabetes BEFORE it gets out of control.

My Dad had his own medial illnesses to deal with when he was alive. He’d always encouraged everyone to get regular medical checkups and to do what the doctors say. He and my mother are smiling at us from heaven and saying, “That’s right, folks. Please listen to your doctors.”