New Foot Orthotic Technology Improves Lives At Tony Martin Limb & Brace

At Tony Martin Limb & Brace in Tucson, we’re always searching for the latest orthotic, prosthetic and bracing technology. Technology allows us to help improve outcomes for our patients. Every day, advanced medical innovations come along. We’re committed to implementing and utilizing the best innovations for everyone who walks through our doors. In our quest to deliver the best, we’ve recently started offering Arch Fitters solutions to those who need custom foot support. Arch Fitters allows us to best serve people who need to move with grace and ease. 

Scanning The Foot

There are several methods to properly mapping a foot. Foam and plaster impressions, similar to what a dentist might use to create braces or other devices for a patient, can be used to design custom orthotics. We prefer to use digital scanning for its simplicity and accuracy. 

The foot is scanned with a digital device that maps and measures arch depth. This process is quick, easy, efficient, and incredibly accurate. Digital scanning is more convenient for the patient, and it gives us the results we need without having to compromise on quality.

Our scanning equipment is provided by an industry leader. Arch Fitters has developed the best technology for digital scanning and mapping of the foot. 

Creating A Custom Orthotic Solution

Once the data has been recorded, a custom orthotic insole can be created for the patient. An inverse cast of the foot is digitally generated with advanced software. Measurements can be calculated down to the millimeter, assuring that every custom orthotic insert will fit as though it is a part of the patient’s natural foot. 

A high tech lab will create the orthotic devices to the exact specifications of the patient. The devices are made of durable materials that also promote comfort, making them easy to wear for prolonged periods of time.

Fallen feet, high arches, flat feet, and plantar fasciitis can be effectively addressed with these custom orthotics. Custom devices will treat more than just the foot – if they’re properly fitted, they can work to alleviate pain in the ankles, knees, heels, back, and hips.

Why Custom Orthotic Solutions Are Superior 

Custom solutions are of the utmost importance. You may see rows and rows of general fit braces, compression devices, and orthotics at your nearest big box store or pharmacy. These products aren’t helpful, and may in fact be harmful. This is because the company that designed those devices has never even met you. They’re not sure what your specific concerns are. They don’t know if your feet are significantly different from each other. 

It’s impossible to thoroughly address a concern and treat a problem area without a comprehensive scan. Just like you wouldn’t wear pants that didn’t fit you, you shouldn’t wear foot orthotics that don’t fit you. True comfort and real results come from that accurate fit. 

Custom orthotics have the potential to change lives. By supporting the foot and encouraging its proper shape and form, the entire body is positively affected. Custom support modifies the gait, making the patient more comfortable when walking or performing light exercise. Strain is removed from the skeleton as a whole, starting from the foot and travelling up the back.

How Often Should I Replace My Custom Orthotics?

Ideally, an excellent pair of orthotics can last as long as five years before it’s necessary to replace them. Many factors will affect how often you’ll need a new scan. If pain or discomfort develops or worsens over time, this can be due to a change in the body. Losing or gaining weight or muscle can impact how effective a custom orthotic will be. If anything changes, contact your orthotist immediately. 

Orthotics that are frequently used, especially if the patient is athletic, might wear out in a year or two. Rather than duplicating the previous orthotic device, it’s best to create a new scan. Even subtle, natural changes that occur over time should be addressed in your next set of orthotics. 

Tony Martin Limb & Brace is a family owned prosthetic and orthotic practice in Tucson, Arizona. We hold ourselves to a high standard of care for our patients. We love to see people feeling better, getting active, and enjoying their mobility.

If you’re in need of a prosthetic, orthotic device, or custom insole, we invite you to visit us. We’d love to show you what makes us different from other providers. With access to the best technology available, we strive to provide a superior quality of service to the people who need it most.